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2023 Show Season kicked off with a win!

Our 2023 show season kicked off close to home this year. After the 25 hour drive to Denver, the 20 minute drive to the Waynesburg Fairgrounds was a welcome change. This was our first year participating in the Block and Bridle Bonanza, and the first year highlands were represented!

There were five highland heifers overall and Kesabe's Kennedy won the Highland Heifer Division championship! Ms. Hanna did an amazing job in the ring, including her very first grand drive.

Kesabe's Kipper was the only Highland steer, so he showed in AOB and placed 5th. Ms. Kylie took to the ring for the first time and is really getting the hang of it! Kipper is such a patient teacher....until he gets tired during ring practice LOL

This photo of Kylie and Kipper is courtesy of MaalKi Media

The Block and Bridle Bonanza was our first true Jackpot show. We learned that most people show off of their trailers and set-up "tent cities" with friends. At Jackpots, people don't do farm displays that are standard at longer shows. We opted to setup inside the barn, conveniently right next to the ring and near the wash rack. One thing we initially forgot (thank goodness for being so close to home) was a generator.

This garden cart has been a back saver at various shows, including this one. It takes up a decent amount of trailer space, but it's worth it when we aren't sure how close we'll be able to get with the trailer, and it lets us start loading/unloading earlier if there is a long wait to back into a bay.

Overall, we learned a lot about going to jackpot shows versus the AHCA Shows and it was a pretty good start to the 2023 show season! Next Stop: NEHCA Spring Show.

Safe travels to everyone on the show road!

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