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Easter Mini Photography Sessions

Meet the baby Highlands, Goats and Sheep!

Spring is an exciting time on the farm. After careful selection of mating pairs, waiting several months in anticipation, long days and nights of barn checks in the days leading up to due dates, we finally welcome our spring babies.

We are excited to share a little bit of the healing magic that comes from being surrounded by new life. In a partnership with Lateral Media, we are inviting a limited number of families to interact with our baby animals during a 30 minute mini photo session.

In addition to our baby sheep, goats and highlands, families can meet the Easter Bunny for a 1:1 photo followed by an opportunity to fill a basket with Easter Eggs stuffed with goodies.


If you have any questions about what to expect while visiting a working farm, please Contact Us.

Ready to schedule?

Visit the Lateral Media Facebook page to reserve your timeslot

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