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Show Cattle

Several years ago, we bought our new herd sire from a farm in the Midwest. Eddie Mackay and Rick Milliman from Dundonald’s Farm graciously agreed to bring the big guy with them to the Mid-Atlantic Highland spring show to save us the trip. We spent several hours learning about their farm, their animals, and watching the open show. During the open show, Rick handed Kelley one of their heifers to show and she had a blast. Fast forward a few years, working from home during the pandemic allowed us to spend more time with our herd. Eventually, we decided to enter our first show at the Mid-Atlantic Highland spring show. Poor Taco still hasn’t forgiven my first attempt at fitting. Since then, we’ve continued showing across the East Coast and Midwest and have met some great people along the way. Below are some of our animals that have made their way into the show ring.

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